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I.International Exchange Student Program
1.International Student Services
    The members of the faculty and staff of the Office of Internation Programs are dedicated to assisting foreign students in the following affairs
(1)applying for admission
(2)providing scholarship information
(3)finding volunteers to help foreign students
(4)applying for official documents (visa extensions and residence)
(5)other related issues
    If you need further information, please contact the director of Office of Internation Programs, Ms Cris Cheng at: oip@mail.wtuc.edu.tw.
2.College Scholarships
(1)Scholarship for Good Conduct and Learning
(2)Scholarship for Excellent Academic Performance
(3)Scholarship for the Best Performance on Language Level Tests
(4)Scholarship for Outstanding Young Persons
(5)Scholarship for Excellent Performance in Extracurricular Activities for Graduates
3.International Exchange Scholarship: /ord/international_students/regulations/4
4.Taiwanese Scholarship Program: http://www.tw.org/scholarship/taiwan_scholarship.htm
II. Center of Chinese Language
    Wenzao Ursuline College of Languages is Taiwan's only college of foreign languages. We have Taiwan's most advanced audiovisual center, equipped with instructional videos and audio tapes, and multifunctional language labs. The Center of Chinese Language is one of the newest divisions in Wenzao, focusing on language and cultural exchange between the Chinese and peoples from other nations. Our instructors are speakers of standard Mandarin, well-trained and highly experienced in teaching Chinese as a foreign language. With the guidance of these teachers, students soon master practical Chinese, adapt to life in Taiwan, and are able to appreciate the many aspects of Chinese culture. The classes we offer are varied and flexible enough to fit varied needs and schedules. For more information about our program, please visit our website: http://www.wtuc.edu.tw/ccl http://www.wtuc.edu.tw/ccl.