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Life in Kaohsiung
Life in Kaohsiung
I. Weather
    Kaohsiung is located beneath the Tropic of Cancer, so the weather in all four seasons is similar. The temperature reaches a low of 10?C when a cold current comes in winter. Summer is very long, and the temperature is around 32"C to 35"C almost from June to October. One sweater and one heavy coat are enough to go through a cold winter.
    "How is the weather today?" Please consult the Central Weather Bureau about the latest weather report on the website: http://www.cwb.gov.tw/index-f.htmhttp://www.cwb.gov.tw/index-f.htm. Before going out to work or to school, make sure to bring an umbrella in case of rain. Check out the weather before making a journey. Have a nice day
II. Food
    Right in Kaohsiung, you can taste all kinds of foods and snacks, including those from the different areas of Mainland China, as well as cuisines from the U.S., the U.K., France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Finland, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, and India.
    Students spend approximately US$2 for lunch in the cafeteria on campus or in a variety of Taiwanese food stores and from vendors near the campus. In addition, there are a fast food restaurants such as McDonald's just 200 meters away from the campus and some 24-hour convenient stores, such as 7-ELEVEN, Family, and O.K. around the school, too. Thus, it is quite convenient for students to shop the food or snacks nearby.
    Here are some different websites about Taiwanese and foreign cuisines in Kaohsiung provided for students:
1. Restaurants
(1) La Maison (A French Restaurant): http://www.lamaison.com.tw/06.htm
(2) India Cuisine: http://india.e-dog.com.tw/
(3) Smokey Joe's: http://www.amy.com.tw/smokeyjoy2.asp
(4) Mammamia: http://www.amy.com.tw/mamamia.asp
(5) Bullfight Steak: http://www.bullfight.com.tw/
(6) 3 Royal 3 House: http://www.3r3h.com.tw/6/6-index.htm
(7) Pola: http://www.polanet.com.tw/
(8) Wang Steak House: http://www.wangsteak.com.tw/menu_eng_pre.htm
(9) Tasty Steak: http://www.tasty.com.tw/
(10) Thai Foods: http://www.thai-top1999.com.tw/
(11) Jogoya: http://www.jogoya.com.tw/
(12) New Orleans Jazz Restaurant: http://104net.com.tw/072261915/
(13) Amy's: http://www.amy.com.tw/
(14) Confidant Beefsteak Restaurant: http://www.kaoh.com.tw/store/friend/
2. Other Related Food Websites
(1) Key Web (Kaohsiung Life Net): http://www.mypagoda.com/kss/
(2) WCN World Trip: http://taiwan.wcn.com.tw/en/kaohsiung/food.shtml
(3) Kaohsiung Snacks List: http://myweb.hinet.net/home4/joychen0714/koaheat.htm
3. Hotels
(1) Ambassador Hotel: http://kaohsiung.ambassadorhotel.com.tw/ch/kaohsiung/
(2) Howard Hotel: http://3w.howard-hotels.com.tw/home/
(3) Grand Hi-Lai Hotel: http://www.grand-hilai.com.tw/English/index_all.jsp
(4) HAN-HSIEN INTERNATIONAL HOTEL: http://www.linden.com.tw/english.php
(5) The Grand Hotel: http://www.grand-hotel.org/newsite/html/c/ch01.htm
(6) Hotel King's Town: http://www.kingstown-hotel.com.tw/
(7) Top Plaza Hotel: http://www.topplaza.com.tw/
(8) Hotel Holiday Garden: http://hotelhg.network.com.tw/web/hotelhg/inst.asp
(9) Royal Lee's Hotel: http://ecommerce.taipeitimes.com/ecom/eservice/hotel/royalees/product/
III. Lodging
    Students may apply for accommodations in the dormitory where there are 736 beds in four-person suites, equipped with bathrooms. Rent for a dorm room per student is approximately US$107 per month. Students may also locate houses or rooms near the campus by surfing for housing information; included are single-bed and double-bed rooms or suites, of which monthly rent fees are around US$97 to US$160. Use the "Housing Rent" on the homepage of Wenzao. Here are other related housing websites provided for students to search for information about housing:
1. Housing in Kaohsiung: http://tutor36.brinkster.net/kao/
2. Information about Houses for Rent: http://www.goodcity.com.tw/home2/kss/ks1/
3. Citylife Housing: http://house.citylife.com.tw/search.asp
4. 104rent: http://www.104rent.com.tw/
IV. Transportation
    The school is located along the Kao-nan Provincial Road between downtown Kaohsiung and Nan-Zih District. The Kaohsiung City Bus lines 28, 38, 72, 77, 91, and 92 stop at Wenzao. Moreover, Kaohsiung Transportation Shuttles, Pingtung Transportation Shuttles, and Binhai Transportation Shuttles also have stops near Wenzao. For information about other means of public transportation and timetables, search the following websites:
1. Kaohsiung City Bus Service Administration: http://www.kcg.gov.tw/~kcb/
2. Taiwan Railway Administration: http://www.railway.gov.tw/e_index.htm
3. Taiwan High Speed Rail Corporation: http://www.thsrc.com.tw/
4. Kaohsiung International Airport: http://www.kia.gov.tw/english/e_index.asp
5. Kaohsiung Mass Rapid Transit: http://www.kcg.gov.tw/~mtbu/
V. Recreation
    Kaohsiung is the largest commercial harbor and the second biggest city in Taiwan. Kaohsiung is a city with culture. More than 1,000 activities of arts are held in the Chiang Kai-Shek Cultural Center. The Museum of Fine Arts arranges exhibitions of both domestic and international high-standard art for the visitors. Kaohsiung is also a city with beauty. There are green mountains, blue rivers, and historical sites. The climate is delightful, the citizens are passionate, and the roads are wide and smooth. Moreover, Kaohsiung is more than a city with department stores in shopping centers, movie theaters, tourism sites, fast food restaurants, convenient stores, night markets, and Internet cafes for visitors from different countries all over the world. It suits both the youth and elders. Kaohsiung, the center of Taiwan's development in the future, is a brilliant star in the Asia-Pacific district for the 21st century.
1. Travel In Taiwan: Kaohsiung: http://www.sinica.edu.tw/tit/scenery/0597_Kaohsiung.html
2. Kaohsiung Taiwan's Maritime Capital: http://w4.kcg.gov.tw/~english/index.php?strurl1=living&strurl=living04.htm
3. Taiwanese Travel Information Web: http://taiwan.net.tw/
4. The Republic of China Yearbook-Tourism: http://www.gio.gov.tw/taiwan-website/5-gp/yearbook/2001/chpt22.htm
5. Travel Information in the Southern Taiwan: http://www.kia.gov.tw/english/e_content/e_customer/e_tour-kh-city.asp
6. Taiwanese News: http://www.etaiwannews.com/Life_Leisure/
VI. In Case of Emergencies
1. Kaohsiung Police: http://www.kmph.gov.tw/
2. Hospitals:
(1) Chang-Gung Memorial Hospital: http://www.cgmh.org.tw/eng2002/
(2) Chung-Ho Memorial Hospital, Kaohsiung Medical University:http://www.kmuh.org.tw/index_new.asp
(3) E-DA HOSPITAL: http://www.edah.org.tw/
(4) YUAN'S GENERAL HOSPITAL: http://www.yuanhosp.com.tw/
(5) KAOHSIUNG MUNICIPAL UNITED HOSPITAL: http://www.kmth.gov.tw/default-1.htm
(6) Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital: http://www.vghks.gov.tw/English/
(7) Chi Mei Hospital: http://www.chimei.org.tw/
VII. Places of Worship in Kaohsiung
1. New Views: Religious Centers: http://aroundkaohsiung.freeservers.com/rel.html
2. Kaohsiung Community Church: http://netministries.org/see/churches/ch12494
3. St. Paul's Church, Kaohsiung, Taiwan: http://ecusa.anglican.org/taiwan/stpaul/
4. St. Timothy's Church, Kaohsiung, Taiwan: http://www.threeweb.ad.jp/logos/taiwan/sttimothy/
5. Christian Churches in Taiwan: http://across.co.nz/TawainChurch.html
VIII. Other Useful Websites
1. Ministry of Foreign Affairs: http://www.mofa.gov.tw/webapp/mp?mp=6
2. Ministry of Education:
3. Kaohsiung City Government: http://w4.kcg.gov.tw/~english/
4. Kaohsiung Culture Bureau: http://www.khcc.gov.tw/main-copy.asp
5. Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts:
6. National Science and Technology Museum: http://www.nstm.gov.tw/english/